Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In just ten hours from now!

I'm picking up Molly ten hours from now!! AHHHHHHH

Her food and water bowls are laid out on a dog-treats themed place mat, her crate is lined with a cozy mat, and she's getting so many treats and toys she's not gonna be able to say no to all of 'em.

Expenses, for those keeping track:
$400 pet deposit to my apartment, $120 adoption fee, $350 pet supplies...
It's a good thing I got money saved away!

I have to see how expensive the vet is down the street from me. It looks like a really sweet place, with great reviews on Google, built in a converted house, but something so close and convenient has got to have a catch. Of course, I'm getting pet insurance so maybe that will help.

Thanks to PAWS Shelter and Humane Society in Kyle for letting me adopt her!

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