Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Day!

The first day was very stressful for Molly!

Time to pick her up from the shelter! Possibly the longest thirty minute drive I have made, thinking of all the great things and great responsibility that comes with owning a dog. PAWS is right off I-35 in Kyle, Texas.

I checked all her paper work and got her ready to go. She didn't exactly volunteer to get in the crate, and the dog treats I got didn't work at all, but all the volunteers had wonderful things to say about her so I took it as she was a bit stressed.

 She had a case of diarrhea on the long car ride home (thirty minute drive) and this was a tough start for poor Molly. I couldn't get out and clean it on the highway, and the best option I decided was to rough it out till we got home, and then I could clear out the soiled tray of the crate and give her a little bit more breathing space.

She's a champ: everything I did she cooperated with and when I looked up her history it says she's super housetrained so I didn't think I was going to have a problem. Got her out of the crate, got the crate out of the car, cleaned up the car and the crate while she waited on leash. She's still trying to figure out her schedule (can I go out?! can I go out?!) and adjust to her new home.

After giving her a walk around the complex outside, I brought her in. I had to leave for class and a meeting so it was time to get her in the crate. Although I had changed out the tray and cleaned the whole crate, she was not looking like she would get into the crate on her own. Being firm I eventually got her in (took like twenty minutes).

When I came home two hours later, found some projectile diarrhea on the wall. Yikes! It's true dogs don't like soiling their own crate but this wall art is... a pain to clean up. Spray with pet cleaner, paper towel to rub off. No scolding, but no praise or hugs either. Positive reinforcement is the only way to train effectively.

Usually diarrhea is a food illness symptom, but luckily I read up that it could happen with first day stress, so I'm going to keep my eye out for when it might happen again. Luckily she got fed for the day this morning, so I won't have to feed her till tomorrow morning. This fasting helps settle her stomach and hopefully she'll have her appetite back tomorrow.

Good things so far:
  • Had a lady passing by on her walk comment on how beautiful she is! It's true, she's a beauty.
  • Great walking dog: no problems with people, cars, or other dogs passing by. Runs around like a hound with her nose in the ground.
  • Peed normally outside in the grass, no issues there.
  • Knows her name (apparently her old name was Zoey, so she perked up her ears instantly when I called her that!).

Things to work on:
  • Apparently has no interest in toys (I bought so many kinds too! squeaky toy, chewy toy, hybrid squeaky chewy toy, cotton toy, rubber chew toy- and so far nothing).
  • Barks and whines a bit to get my attention. Barks when I leave. She's gotta realize that's not gonna help, but it does add to her personality being a talkative dog!
  • Treats have been completely ineffective, having tried two expensive organic chicken flavored brands (Castor and Pollux, Newman's Organic). Gonna be a lot harder to train if she can't be motivated by treats.

I've been spraying deodorant all around my apartment since her second accident. She's lying on the floor right now as I type this.

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