Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to bloggin

I forgot I had this blog going! And reading my old posts, I wish I had kept it up more.

Molly's always happy to see me when I get home. Running up and around and back and around the bed and sofa. Little scamper paws, she keeps her butt low to the ground and tucks her tail in when she's playing. Full sprint outside, she's got her ears locked back and stretches out with her strides.

Back in June I switched her to Nulo Balance from Tomlinson's Pet store right down the street from my new apartment. She loved it for three months, but it might be getting a little old.

Just tried refrigerated beef treats this week- so far so good (they look like little sausages), but no serious cravings.

She's shedding like crazy. I've used the shedding tool and I could probably make a sweater out of all her fur.

School schedule:
- Up at 7am
- Walk 7:15
- Leave at 7:50
- Home at 5:10pm
- Walk after I change, get the mail, have fun with the maintenance guy, say hello to the office people
- Dinner and water refill
- Out again at 11:30-midnight
- Sleep